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Houston Belly Dance Performer

Interview with Silvia Salamanca

by Marcel Bieger and Konstanze Winkler

We met Silvia Salamanca after the Contest at Leyla Jouvana’s 17th Oriental Festival in Duisburg,Germany, where she had sat in the jury. Like all judges she had performed at the beginning of the show and we saw a very unique and elegant dancer with a strong personality – all in all reason enough for us to have a word with her … Read More



Zambra Mora – Spanish Gypsy Dance

Shunyata Belly Dance ArtModern Day Gypsies: Recovering the Dance

Article by Silvia Salamanca Segui

Gypsy people don´t have written records on their history, their culture, their traditions and manners, for the immense majority. Hence, it is an extremely difficult task to find accurate information on what happened to all of their tribes through time. Their tradition is transmitted orally, and, unless someone dares to put in down on paper it gets easily lost in translation.
I got lucky by being a diluted-blood Spanish gypsy girl. My great grandmother was Josefa Heredia, “de la raza cale” (from the Spanish-gypsy race) and thanks to that I’ve been able to ask and be given answers from other Spanish gypsy ladies about their dances, their songs, and their recipes! …. Read More